Shipping and payment

During the packaging of the products ordered in Stühmer webshop, we do our best to ensure the temperature necessary to maintain the quality of the products, but in warm weather conditions, the chocolate may melt during transport. Please note thet we can only deliver our products at the customer’s own risk in the summer months.

You can withdraw from the contract without any reason within 14 working days of receiving the goods if you can return the products unopened. Stühmer is obliged to repay the consideration for the goods and any freight incurred in connection with the order. In this case, the cost of returning the goods must be borne by you.

If you have any questions, request, comments or problems regarding the operation of our company or the products we sell, please let us know. Feel free to contact us at the or e-mail address.

Order of cakes and pastries

Orders for cakes and pastries will be accepted at least two days prior to the scheduled receipt of the products.

After placing the order, the production of the products will start in our factory within two days before the planned receipt, therefore it is not possible to cancel the order within two days before the planned receipt of the products.


How does shopping work?

The prices shown for each product do include VAT, but do not include shipping cost. Prices are per piece, unless otherwise stated in the product description. You can modify or check the content of your cart at any time before place your order by clicking on the „Cart” menu item. If you order products after confirming the data, the system will redirect you to the „checkout”.

The system will send a confirmation e-mail about the order. Our staff will only contact you if any unexpected problem occurs.

Payment methods

In case of delivery to the territory of Hungary:

- Cash on delivery

- Online payment by credit card

- Transfer

In case of delivery to foreign countries:

- Online payment by credit card

- Transfer