Pastry Shop

Pastry Shop

Have you ever tasted STÜHMER cakes?
In the confectionery next to our chocolate factory, we are waiting for confectioners with more than 25 types of exciting cakes with a unique taste, where, in addition to confectionery products, the full selection of STÜHMER chocolate and handcrafted candies is of course available.

Do you want cool treats?
Our cremeria offers ice cream specialties, glass creams, ice cream cakes and a nostalgic atmosphere. In addition to the air-conditioned interiors, you can also enjoy our delicacies in a pleasant environment on our temperate terrace.

At STÜHMER, we work to provide a real culinary experience for all our guests with our sweets made from excellent ingredients. We look forward to seeing you - and with lots and lots of delicacies - at STÜHMER Confectionery and Cremeria!

Important information: Under inappropriate temperature conditions, chocolate products experience quality and appearance changes. Please observe the transport and storage temperatures.

Pastry Shops

Stühmer Confectionery, Candy and Ice Cream Shop

3397 Maklár, Stühmer Frigyes utca 1

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